Petticoat skirt

Sooooo cute your head will explode.

So, my long swing-length petticoats are awesome, but pretty much what people were wearing way back when. They are cute and HOT, ladies!

But I wanted to make some short ones, too. “Crinoline” mini-skirts were huge in the 80’s, and for good reason. So, using the same technique, I made a turquoise one for my burlesque dance class!

Awesomely cute "crinoline"!

I was thinking of adding some lace trim to the skirt, but I think that would look to “busy”.

One of my dance friends saw it, and ordered one for her pug! I’ll post pics when I get it. 😉

Yay blogs!

I’ve been futzing around trying to create the perfect website. I need a blog, a photo gallery, a shopping cart, and I want it to be easy to update. That’s not asking so much, is it? Well, learning how was just taking up too much time – time I could spend making cool stuff.

Meanwhile, I have nothing that people who don’t use Facebook can see! So, Wordplace + Flickr later, I’ve at least got SOMETHING, lol.

Look around at the pretty pictures while I add more pages!