I have been SO BUSY, folks!

Sorry, sorry, not ignoring you, I promise! I had an emergency wedding bouquet to make with my crocheted flowers. Can’t post pics until the bride gets it … but I love the fact that she’ll be able to use it for her quick “lets get married before you ship out so I can go with you” ceremony, and it’ll still be “fresh” if she wants to use it for the big wedding later.

Also, can you believe that I haven’t added a link to my Etsy store to this blog yet? What is WRONG with me, lol! Electronic time-management gadgets aren’t working for me, lol, I need to invest in a good old Franklin-Covey planner book again. If they still sell them in paper; I know an electronic version came out years ago!

Anyway, before I forget again:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/GlitzyFaery