Oh wow, has it been since Oct since I posted?

No, that’s not good. This box, though, is pretty epic:

Protip: make sure you have a big enough box BEFORE you list it on your Etsy store!

Yes, it is two boxes taped together! My customer paid for the Priority Mail option, so I went to the Post Office and noticed that one side of their Large Flat Rate boxes is the perfect size, so I opened two up at the seam, taped the corners, put the wreath inside and then put the second box on top, taping the whole thing together. Yes, I have my own roll of Priority Mail tape.

Unfortunately, the postal clerk was not sure that a box that said “flat rate” would “go through”, even if I paid the proper Priority postage for a box that size. She took out some P. M. stickers and covered up everywhere it said “Flat Rate”. Weird, I didn’t think it would be a big deal, but now I know … make sure the Priority boxes you’re turning into a Transformer are just regular ones, not Flat Rate ones.

I guess we’ll find out! I don’t usually get Delivery Confirmation, but she made me nervous, and I really want to make sure she gets it.

I was mailing a box to Ireland at the same time … who knew that was going to be the EASY one?