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My Petticoat Out in the Wild!

30 Mar

The lovely Pisa Cake in Tucson, AZ needed a nice petticoat for her “Runaround Sue” number, and ordered one of mine. Her equally lovely friend Victoria Belle took these AWESOME photos, and then gave me permission to use them here!! (click to see the bigger version)

I also took a pic of it “standing” all by itself … I’ll get around to posting it in the Flickr gallery one of these days. It could happen!


Two days off in a row!

26 Mar

Yes, it’s still tax season, and it’s still busy. The upside? I’ve been able to buy new yarn & hooks. Going to spend the next couple of days making “cupcake” hats and “Lego brick” pincushions. Fingers crossed that I remember to take pics for you!!!

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