More cute stuff – Lego pincushions

So, I’m still busy at my tax job … all the people coming in at the last minute ALL seem surprised that we’re so busy. No, procrastinating people, you are not the only ones!

Even though I’m pretty much just working & sleeping, I have had a few minutes here & there to put finishing touches on projects I started last month.

Building Block Pincushion

Seriously – HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?

Tax season ends next week … hopefully I’ll start getting some of this up onto my Etsy store!

Cupcake Hats

I’ve been working diligently trying to get some Lego brick pincushions presentable enough to post, but it’s still tax season, and we’ve hit the “Oh crap, it’s April, I should get that stuff done” endgame, lol.

Then I remembered … my non-Facebook fans have not seen my cupcake hats!!!! (yes, the extra exclamation points are necessary)


So there’s my finished pieces, my son Vincent out-cunning Jayne (it’s a “Firefly” thing), and me in my first non-sprinkled prototype. And yes, they’re in my Etsy store! So far just finished hats, but I’ll be working on formatting the pattern soon.

Now to queue up my Hulu+ queue and get to crocheting some Legos!