My first custom plushie!

GUYS! I forgot to tell you – Bonta Kun arrived in his new home! It’s my first amigurumi that I’ve done without a pattern, just started with the head and started shaping as I went (I started with the bear head, the hat was made and sewn on later). I’m ridiculously happy with it – and fortunately, so is she!

I’ve got more planned, but now I have to get back to knitting up Jayne hats for the Can’t Stop the Serenity charity event here in AZ.

New Petticoat

I first started listing my petticoats for swing & burlesque dancers, but as it turns out, lots of ladies getting married need them as well! The color combinations that they request is fascinating as well – here’s the latest, and yes, it’s for a bride!


That’s my “less fluffy” version  – which is also less expensive, I have two seperate listings in my shop now. This one has a 16 yd hem, and the full one has a 32 yd hem.

Here’s some detail on the rayon ribbon:


While I was cutting hers out, I cut out a shorter version for myself for this weekend. 🙂