I want an “Our Mrs Reynolds” shawl!

18 Nov

I sold two more Jayne hats last week, and in my travels around Ravelry I saw the pretty shawl that MaggieTheSpy made. It was cool reading about how much Christina Hendricks loved it when she saw it at Dallas ComiCon!

I was puzzled, though, by the end where she said

Screenshot - "Our Mrs Reynolds"

Screenshot of the episode “Our Mrs Reynolds”

“(this is by no means screen-accurate, but if it’s good enough for the REAL Saffron…)
I thought “Well, why not make an accurate one?

So, I popped in the dvd & started pausing it on the side & back views. My initial reaction was “WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN”. I may or may not be figuring it out, though. I’ll keep you posted if I survive the process!

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