Cute Spring Hat

Yes, I’m swimming here in Phoenix! OK, the water is still kind of cold, but nice once you get used to it. If you’ve ever swum in the Atlantic, you can handle it.

My spring cloche out by the pool

Now, to get my patio umbrella up so I’m not squinting even when I’m not facing into the sun, lol. That’s how you can tell a Phoenix native – no sunglasses. 🙂

Here’s a pic of the one that’s going up in my Etsy store. The yarn is a nice soft acrylic, like baby yarn. Snuggly!

Spring cloche

Now I’m off to finally see “Oz, The Great & Powerful”, so I’m not the last person on earth to so! Not that I always mind, I’m still The Person Who’s Never Seen ‘Titanic’. Hey, I know how it ends already!