OK, so things might look a bit weird around here for a while. I’m migrating the blog from, to a self-hosted WordPress site. I was thinking of just paying to take the ads off of my site, but you have to pay separately for all your blogs, and I actually have four, lol (I have an author blog even though I haven’t been published yet, and two personal blogs).

Also, I haven’t been able to log into my Flickr account to add pictures for ages. I went through the migration away from Yahoo, but now the login info I have saved in Last Pass doesn’t work, and I can’t get a password reset to any email address I’ve ever had (the help article under “Can’t log in with an email address” is literally “try every one you’ve ever had”. Helpful!). Anyway, by building my own WordPress site, there are way more plug-ins available, including photo galleries.

Soooooo ….. are you seeing weird random theme photos & stuff? Sorry! Of course, the laptop with all my logo pics & everything died, lol. Everything on my new laptop gets backed up to Dropbox (who I absolutely pay for extra space, since it works on my phone & everything, too). OF COURSE I hadn’t installed the Dropbox desktop app on the old lappy yet, I had to many new things to do to worry about old stuff! And now, here I am needing old files. Dang it!

Anyway. Pardon our mess during construction.

I have a couple products I need to post, but I’ve also been dealing with gallstones all during quarantine because my life is the BEST AND YOU KNOW YOU ALL WANT TO BE ME!!! Yes, that was humor. However, I finally have surgery scheduled! I don’t know if that will make easier for me to post since I’ll be in bed, or harder because of the recovery, lol. I guess we’ll see!