A long time ago in a galaxy … well, in this galaxy … I owned a bellydance studio named Shirley’s Delhi, an in-joke that stuck.

I made custom skirts and other dance costume pieces to sell; to distinguish from my other vendors, I needed a name for my clothing line. Thus, The Glitzy Faery was born!

The studio wasn’t in the best area, and closed after a year. I’ve been continuing to sell costumes on eBay and Etsy. I’ve finally decided I should have my own website – and while that happens, people can come here to browse and contact me!

When I started selling amigurumi, petticoats, cosplay scarves, ect., I opened another store called The Cutsey Faery. Now that they let you have more categories, I combined them in 2015. Here in 2020 I paid for an ad-free WordPress site, which allows me to post stuff for sale, I should have  a direct shopping page, soon.

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