Rose Wedding Bouquet

So what have I been doing? Crocheting my guts out!

One of my best friend’s daughter’s wedding got moved up almost a year, do to her finance joining the military. They made the decision to have her join him as a military wife, instead of her waiting at home for him. They’re still having a big wedding in the future; for the present, it was just going to be a weekday, civil ceremony downtown.

Now, I just couldn’t let a bride I know go down the aisle without something pretty. I looked at my crocheted roses, and thought – bouquet. I offered to make her one as a wedding gift, since I hadn’t bought anything from her registry list yet.

It turned out even better than I expected! She loved it … and to my surprise, a friend of hers saw the pic on Facebook, and wants one for her Victorian/steampunk wedding next year. What a charming idea! But, perhaps, if I’m going to sell them, I should offer a package with a smaller “throwing” bouquet, as well.

Well, don’t listen to me, check it out for yourself!

Custom wedding bouquet made with crocheted roses by The Glitzy Faery
The bride’s mother modeling the bouquet, the night before the wedding