New Petticoat

I first started listing my petticoats for swing & burlesque dancers, but as it turns out, lots of ladies getting married need them as well! The color combinations that they request is fascinating as well – here’s the latest, and yes, it’s for a bride!


That’s my “less fluffy” version  – which is also less expensive, I have two seperate listings in my shop now. This one has a 16 yd hem, and the full one has a 32 yd hem.

Here’s some detail on the rayon ribbon:


While I was cutting hers out, I cut out a shorter version for myself for this weekend. 🙂

My Petticoat Out in the Wild!

The lovely Pisa Cake in Tucson, AZ needed a nice petticoat for her “Runaround Sue” number, and ordered one of mine. Her equally lovely friend Victoria Belle took these AWESOME photos, and then gave me permission to use them here!! (click to see the bigger version)

I also took a pic of it “standing” all by itself … I’ll get around to posting it in the Flickr gallery one of these days. It could happen!

Petticoat skirt

Sooooo cute your head will explode.

So, my long swing-length petticoats are awesome, but pretty much what people were wearing way back when. They are cute and HOT, ladies!

But I wanted to make some short ones, too. “Crinoline” mini-skirts were huge in the 80’s, and for good reason. So, using the same technique, I made a turquoise one for my burlesque dance class!

Awesomely cute "crinoline"!

I was thinking of adding some lace trim to the skirt, but I think that would look to “busy”.

One of my dance friends saw it, and ordered one for her pug! I’ll post pics when I get it. 😉