Oh wow, look how long it’s been since I’ve posted…

Sorry, been busy!! Starting in Sept I got slammed with not-Jayne hat orders for Halloween. I thought I’d have a break before holiday orders started, but I was wrong, lol. Then came the first of the year “I have holiday money to spend” orders. They’ve slowed to a trickle now, and I somehow ended up with an extra newborn-sized hat. Well, what else could I do?

Baby Jayne IMG_5654

My Pony Stuff at Jack O’Con!

As you may have already notice, I LOVES ME SOME MY LITTLE PONY! Which is sort of weird, since I’ve never liked any of the older incarnations. When I was told what some of the other shows the creator worked on, though, and read an interview on what she thought of “girl cartoons” and that not all little girls have tea parties and wear pink, I gave it a try. It’s actually a good show!


So. I make pony stuff. Pony earflap hats, amigurumi ponies … ERMAGERD, PERNIES!

So, when I got an email from the Southwest Bronies saying that they had room at their vending table at Jack O’Con, I squeed! And then answered the email, lol.

Check them out!


Oh, wait, I don’t see any of my pony stuff in my Flickr page — here, have some pony stuff pics!


pinkie-side derpy hat-front chubby-pinkie FlutterFlap_front pompom pony- front ami-Fluttershy

My first custom plushie!

GUYS! I forgot to tell you – Bonta Kun arrived in his new home! It’s my first amigurumi that I’ve done without a pattern, just started with the head and started shaping as I went (I started with the bear head, the hat was made and sewn on later). I’m ridiculously happy with it – and fortunately, so is she!

I’ve got more planned, but now I have to get back to knitting up Jayne hats for the Can’t Stop the Serenity charity event here in AZ.