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Happy World Penguin Day!

25 Apr penguin family

penguin family

I should really, really, really make one or two of those cute pengie amigurumi patterns I’ve bought. I have SO MANY patterns, ya’ll. Normal crafters hoard pretty yarn. I never buy yarn except for specific projects – but I still have shelves & shelves of yarn, because I’m a pattern whore. I finally broke down and used the yarn I bought in 2010 for a project that I’m actually doing now. So, progress, lol.



23 Feb

Oh dear, I haven’t posted in forever! Um, lots of stuff going on, unfortunately very little of it crafting. I did manage to finish a scarf and a shawl, so yay! I’m currently taking photos as I finish the Harry Potter scarf, so I can update the pattern page to be more of a tutorial for those unfamiliar with double-knitting.


Currently making another rainbow scarf (with a black lattice instead of blue), to time how long it takes, so I know what to charge. I’d keep them all, but it hasn’t ever gotten cold enough in Phoenix to wear one. Shoot, I haven’t even worn a sweater. The summer is going to be a nightmare, lol.


This time I have an excuse for not posting forever!

19 May

Guess who has a table at Phoenix Comicon this year!!

As you may or may not know, there is a waiting list for booths and tables at PhxCC. I relaxed after the deadline for payment had passed … but apparently, that’s when some that didn’t get paid for become available. I didn’t have the fee saved up, so I had to borrow some of it. One I get to pay back with half of my hotel room, so yay!

I’ve also had to start working furiously to stock up on stuff, lol. Tonight, I’m working on re-formatting my patterns into a half-fold booklet so I can print some up & sell at the con, for those crafty folk who’d love a Pony hat or Splatoon finger puppet, but can make them themselves.

So anyway, if you’re going to the con, look me up at table AA1305

No cupcakes for you, sorry

No cupcakes for you, sorry

Where I Discover C2C (Corner to Corner) Crochet

5 Feb

I’ve always loved making graphed designs with beads and cross stitch, but my main love is the yarn arts. Filet crochet has always been there for solid-color work, but while I’ve done it in color, it doesn’t really look that great.

Enter C2C. Excuse me while I fan myself from how excited I am with this whole subject.



It's Rainbow Dash!

It’s Rainbow Dash!



You can use any sort of grid pattern for this – this is one that was made for Perler beads. My next project will be done using some of the Celtic knotwork graphs I’ve been collecting for decades.

Thanks to the Repeat Crafter Me blog for introducing me to this awesome technique! It’s reversible as well, so it’s great for afghans & baby blankets, too.

Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest

2 Feb

*whew* – I survived!

YES, it was in December … but then I was shipping holiday orders then vending in January at a smaller craft sale. Busy, I tells ya. But here I am. 🙂

I’ve been searching for hours for the pic a friend took of my table. It’s hit that “stuff I know I have but the Universe doesn’t want me to have it black hole”. Here’s a much better one, though – my Faux-lita wig/hat found it’s forever home!



I don’t always run out from behind my table to take a pic of my customers, but Teh Cute was too much to resist. Seriously. I know you’re not even reading the rest of this blog post because you can’t look away. Me either. Later.


6 Sep


Hey, look at that … I said I was working on getting my patterns online, and I actually did it! Get the Pacman Hat pattern here.


Goodbye, Rocky

24 Dec Picture of Rocky in his hat

I never know what to say, I really suck at this. It’s so sad when a friend dies, no matter how many legs they have.

Picture of Rocky in his hat

Vaya con Dios, sweetie

It’s actually been a few weeks since he passed away suddenly, from a short illness. His people and doctors did all they could, but eventually there was a trip to the hospital he just didn’t come back from. I’m glad that my last memory of him is licking some of the whipped cream off of a chocolate Thanksgiving pie – I hope, when my time comes, I’ll leave my friends with a similar memory.



Two days off in a row!

26 Mar

Yes, it’s still tax season, and it’s still busy. The upside? I’ve been able to buy new yarn & hooks. Going to spend the next couple of days making “cupcake” hats and “Lego brick” pincushions. Fingers crossed that I remember to take pics for you!!!

Oh wow, has it been since Oct since I posted?

4 Dec

No, that’s not good. This box, though, is pretty epic:

Protip: make sure you have a big enough box BEFORE you list it on your Etsy store!

Yes, it is two boxes taped together! My customer paid for the Priority Mail option, so I went to the Post Office and noticed that one side of their Large Flat Rate boxes is the perfect size, so I opened two up at the seam, taped the corners, put the wreath inside and then put the second box on top, taping the whole thing together. Yes, I have my own roll of Priority Mail tape.

Unfortunately, the postal clerk was not sure that a box that said “flat rate” would “go through”, even if I paid the proper Priority postage for a box that size. She took out some P. M. stickers and covered up everywhere it said “Flat Rate”. Weird, I didn’t think it would be a big deal, but now I know … make sure the Priority boxes you’re turning into a Transformer are just regular ones, not Flat Rate ones.

I guess we’ll find out! I don’t usually get Delivery Confirmation, but she made me nervous, and I really want to make sure she gets it.

I was mailing a box to Ireland at the same time … who knew that was going to be the EASY one?

I have been SO BUSY, folks!

27 Sep

Sorry, sorry, not ignoring you, I promise! I had an emergency wedding bouquet to make with my crocheted flowers. Can’t post pics until the bride gets it … but I love the fact that she’ll be able to use it for her quick “lets get married before you ship out so I can go with you” ceremony, and it’ll still be “fresh” if she wants to use it for the big wedding later.

Also, can you believe that I haven’t added a link to my Etsy store to this blog yet? What is WRONG with me, lol! Electronic time-management gadgets aren’t working for me, lol, I need to invest in a good old Franklin-Covey planner book again. If they still sell them in paper; I know an electronic version came out years ago!

Anyway, before I forget again:



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