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6 Sep


Hey, look at that … I said I was working on getting my patterns online, and I actually did it! Get the Pacman Hat pattern here.



Writing Up My Patterns!

28 Aug

Hi guys!

I’ve been super busy filling custom orders and designing new stuff, and totally NOT getting around to writing up the patterns of mine that people have been asking for. First up will be the Pac-Man ghost hat. Which is now Video Game Ghost Hat, after receiving a letter from Bandai’s lawyers, lol. YOU CAN’T TAKE THE SKY FROM ME! AGAIN!

Next pattern will be the pony hat pattern. It’s rather involved … not because the hat is complicated, just that there are so many parts. And a few extra now – one of the custom orders I got was for the Equestria Girls version of Pinkie, who wears a headband with yellow ears sometimes. I guess; I like the cartoon, but haven’t seen the movie yet.

Equestria Girl Pinkie

Oh wow, look how long it’s been since I’ve posted…

4 Feb Baby Jayne Cobb w/Hat

Sorry, been busy!! Starting in Sept I got slammed with not-Jayne hat orders for Halloween. I thought I’d have a break before holiday orders started, but I was wrong, lol. Then came the first of the year “I have holiday money to spend” orders. They’ve slowed to a trickle now, and I somehow ended up with an extra newborn-sized hat. Well, what else could I do?

Baby Jayne IMG_5654

Finger Ninjas

11 Jan

I’ve been neglecting you, sorry!

I’ll post the holiday presents I made as soon as I find my camera again.

In the meantime, here’s a quick project I made for a friend. He saw this picture of ninja finger puppets on Deviant Art, and it looked easy, so I got to it! Of course, I ended up ripping it out & starting over far more times than I thought I would, just like every other project ever, lol.

Finger Ninjas


I wrote down the pattern in case other people wanted them – and I know you do, so here it is!

I used Red Heart Super Saver, which is a worsted weight (4 – medium on the standard yarn weight chart), and a size F (3.75 mm) hook.
Instructions are in US terms.

Start w/magic circle, chain 2, 9 dc (double crochet) in circle. Join w/a slip st into 2nd beginning chain.

Next round: Ch 2, dc in ea of next 7 dc, ch 2, join w/a sl st into 2nd beg ch.

Next round: Ch 2, Dc in ea of next 7 dc, 2 dc in ch 2 space, join w/ sl st in 2nd beg ch, finish off.
Go forth now and attack, my minions!

Goodbye, Rocky

24 Dec Picture of Rocky in his hat

I never know what to say, I really suck at this. It’s so sad when a friend dies, no matter how many legs they have.

Picture of Rocky in his hat

Vaya con Dios, sweetie

It’s actually been a few weeks since he passed away suddenly, from a short illness. His people and doctors did all they could, but eventually there was a trip to the hospital he just didn’t come back from. I’m glad that my last memory of him is licking some of the whipped cream off of a chocolate Thanksgiving pie – I hope, when my time comes, I’ll leave my friends with a similar memory.



Crocheting Muffins

23 Jun


Seriously guys, I’m almost 50 (this October), and I started embroidering when I was in grade school. I read the instructions in the kits and books diligently, but the hand-drawn black-and-white illustrations just didn’t help me in the slightest.

But now, we have the interntez, and this wonderful lady and her blog!

Stitch School: french knot

I don’t know if any of you watch “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”, but trust me in that if you’re making a Derpy Hooves hat for someone, it must have a muffin. Following the look of some of the muffins in fan art, I made this:


OK, sorry, it’s a crappy webcam photo … when I finish the hat, maybe I’ll remember to post a pic of both!   😀

Cupcake Hats

6 Apr

I’ve been working diligently trying to get some Lego brick pincushions presentable enough to post, but it’s still tax season, and we’ve hit the “Oh crap, it’s April, I should get that stuff done” endgame, lol.

Then I remembered … my non-Facebook fans have not seen my cupcake hats!!!! (yes, the extra exclamation points are necessary)


So there’s my finished pieces, my son Vincent out-cunning Jayne (it’s a “Firefly” thing), and me in my first non-sprinkled prototype. And yes, they’re in my Etsy store! So far just finished hats, but I’ll be working on formatting the pattern soon.

Now to queue up my Hulu+ queue and get to crocheting some Legos!

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