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Crocheted Gift Baskets

6 Oct

Today was a good day!

I’m having a fundraiser for my son’s tuition at SARRC for their Culinary Works program. He was so relieved to get out of high school that he really never had the desire to go to college, but he’s developed a passion for cooking, and is REALLY good at it! He’s very excited about being able to attend, and I have the best friends ever. 😉

Of course his treats are the perks offered, and I added that if people donated $100 or more, I’d make a gift basket to put their goodies in. I didn’t really think it would happen – ha on me, I need four so far!

I love to crochet, but all the crocheted baskets I’ve ever seen looked … well, sort of like those toilet paper covers people’s grandmother’s make. I did a search anyway, and found an AWESOME pattern at the Crochet in Color blog.

Check it out! I made one from the blog, and then ripped it out and made a smaller one. It’s an extremely easy pattern to adjust. Blog Author Liz is pretty much my favorite person ever now.

Basket of Goodies!

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Crocheting Muffins

23 Jun


Seriously guys, I’m almost 50 (this October), and I started embroidering when I was in grade school. I read the instructions in the kits and books diligently, but the hand-drawn black-and-white illustrations just didn’t help me in the slightest.

But now, we have the interntez, and this wonderful lady and her blog!

Stitch School: french knot

I don’t know if any of you watch “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”, but trust me in that if you’re making a Derpy Hooves hat for someone, it must have a muffin. Following the look of some of the muffins in fan art, I made this:


OK, sorry, it’s a crappy webcam photo … when I finish the hat, maybe I’ll remember to post a pic of both!   😀

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