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Cupcake Hats

6 Apr

I’ve been working diligently trying to get some Lego brick pincushions presentable enough to post, but it’s still tax season, and we’ve hit the “Oh crap, it’s April, I should get that stuff done” endgame, lol.

Then I remembered … my non-Facebook fans have not seen my cupcake hats!!!! (yes, the extra exclamation points are necessary)


So there’s my finished pieces, my son Vincent out-cunning Jayne (it’s a “Firefly” thing), and me in my first non-sprinkled prototype. And yes, they’re in my Etsy store! So far just finished hats, but I’ll be working on formatting the pattern soon.

Now to queue up my Hulu+ queue and get to crocheting some Legos!

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